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This head fits fuel injected (TPI) models.

If you are looking for non-fuel injected model heads 2017 and newer, click here!

If you are looking for heads 2016 and older, click here!

S3 Stars Head for Husqvarna Enduro and MX Motorcycle. These heads replace the cylinder head of the engine. They are made in forged aluminum and are absolutely beautiful. They are a top quality component and look stunning. Made in 3 parts using the best alloys and materials available on the market to obtain better output. The advantage of these heads is that they hold more water and also are made with thicker material which helps with cooling and improves bottom end power. Stars Head eliminate hot points typically localized on cast heads as well. The different volume inserts allow you to adjust engine compression to perfectly meet your situation. This kit comes with the outer shell and 3 different compression inserts of low, standard, and high. The outer shell has been anodized blue to match your beautiful Husqvarna and comes with an S3 laser engraved logo.