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S3 Flywheel weight for Gas Gas trials motorcycles with Kokusan flywheel. Adds approximately 1.4 lbs (0.620 kg) to the flywheel of your motorcycle. This will slow down the speed at which your engine builds rpm's and will allow the flywheel to store more energy once it is at maximum rpm's. Very helpful to smooth out the performance of your engine to help maintain traction.


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    New and improved

    Posted by Warren on May 26th 2020

    This flywheel weight kit has been updated and is not the same as the one shown in the photo. The new weight Is red and does not require that the flywheel be removed for installation. All that’s needed is to remove the center bolt and attach the weight with the new longer center bolt. Wish I knew this and I wouldn’t have ordered the flywheel puller. The included cover spacer and gaskets fit well and make for a clean installation. The shifter needed to be bent out slightly to clear the cover. Haven’t ridden with it yet so I can’t report on that.